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The Men's Project

The Men's Project is a non-profit charitable men's counselling agency that has been providing services to men and their families since 1997.

We have provided individual and couple counselling, as well as a specialized healing programs for men who have experienced sexual or physical abuse as children, anger management, emotional intelligence and fathering.
Our services were specifically designed for men and professionally facilitated by accredited psychotherapists. We tailored our individual programs to specifically meet men's needs in a way that speaks to men.
All of our programs were open to straight, gay and bisexual men.
We help men and their families build better lives. 
"... I have had the very great privilege of watching the Project grow into a dynamic, responsive and very capable organization serving the needs of male survivors of abuse.  The Men's Project is an exemplary program for creating safer communities.  It's model of cooperative action is visionary and enables male survivors and their helpers acquire skills they will be able to apply in settings far beyond the Project's walls.  Their work provides opportunities to prevent mental health problems, create safer communities and build better social relationships."
Dr. Fred Matthews
Director of Research and Program Development
Central Toronto Youth
Excerpts from feedback forms for the Men & Healing Program
 "I like that I can share like experience and feelings with others and loose the isolation and secrecy (I am no longer alone).  I always had problems building bonds with other men, real problems with trust in all types of relationships."
"I don't really know where I would be... I now have something to live for and I have a right to my feeling." 
"I was shocked to find out that this program is funded by the Office of the Attorney General; perhaps there will be a day when the prisons populations will be considerable reduced.  Thank you.  I am truly grateful."
"After being very desparate for help -- this is the only place that provides this kind of assistance. Quality of life for many will be improved."
"This program has given me hope for a brighter future."
"Please support us in our struggles.  I believe without services such as this more money would be spent in the way of jails, institutions, police services, etc.  Thank you."
"This program has probably save my life.  We need more groups." 
"I can only say that I wish I could have gotten into a program like this years ago because I think it would have made a significant difference in my life up to now."